Nymphomania - make me come - [AUKS025] Sexual Abnormality – Inherited Nymphomania

"You won't tell me, eh? Well that's okay because I already know what it is. It obviously has something to do with that news report that just came on. But what exactly could it be? Could it be you're upset that Peter got hurt? Or could it be that you weren't one of those people in bed with Lois? I bet it's the second one. Seems like everybody in Quahog is getting some action from Lois. Everybody but you."

The unfortunate cyberchondriacs found on these pro-Scientology so-called support sites are a combination of drug addicts, the untreated mentally ill, dangerous lunatics, and/or lonely social misfits with nothing else to do. They’ve often been pressured by abusive site owners/admins/moderators/peers into stopping the very medications that had previously helped them lead normal lives. These sad people have been brainwashed into believing harmless prescription drugs are really an evil conspiracy involving Big Pharma, doctors, psychiatry and world governments. They’re not victims of Big Pharma but of a cult.

 · Did you know that the term nymphomania only applies to females? The male counterpart is called satyriasis. Both words are inspired by Greek mythology ...

Nymphomania - Make Me ComeNymphomania - Make Me ComeNymphomania - Make Me Come